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Punta Gorda Airport Baggage Claims

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  • Perform a variety of duties related to providing security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircrafts.
  • Identify dangerous objects in baggage, cargo, and/or on passengers; and prevent those objects from being transported onto aircraft.
  • Perform various tasks such as: wanding, pat down searches, operation of x-ray machines, lifting of baggage (up to 70 pounds), and screening and ticket review using electronic and imaging equipment.
  • Continuously and effectively interact with the public, giving directions and responding to inquiries in a reasonable tone and manner.
  • Maintain focus and awareness within an environment containing numerous distractions, people, and noise.
  • Stand and remain standing for periods up to three hours without sitting.
  • Lift and/or assist another individual to lift (from the ground) an object weighing 70 pounds.
  • Work within a stressful environment, which includes noise from alarms, machinery, people, distractions, time pressure, disruptive and angry passengers, and the requirement to identify and locate potentially life-threatening devices and devices intended on creating massive destruction.
  • Make effective decisions in both crisis and routine situations.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma, GED or equivalent; or minimum one year work experience in security work, aviation screener work, or x-ray technician work.
  • Must be a US citizen or US National.
  • Must be proficient in English (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).
  • Must possess excellent mental abilities (visual observation and identification, mental rotation)
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills (responsibility, honesty, integrity)
  • Must possess excellent work values (repeatedly lifting and carrying baggage up to 70 lbs, identifying objects by touch)
  • Able to work irregular hours and/or shifts including split shifts, holidays, weekends, overtime, and extended hours.
  • Able to successfully complete required classroom and on-the-job training, and certification exams.
  • Must meet the following medical standards:
  • Distance vision correctable to 20/30 better in the best eye and 20/100 or better in the worse eye
  • Near vision correctable to 20/50 or better binocular
  • Color perception (e.g., red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, white, gray) note: color filters (e.g., contact lenses) for enhancing color discrimination are prohibited
  • Hearing as measured by audiometry cannot exceed: a) an average hearing loss of 30 decibels (ANSI) at 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000Hz in each ear, b) single readings of 50 decibels at 2000 or 3000 Hz in each ear, c) single reading of 55 decibels at 4000 Hz in each ear
  • Adequate joint mobility, dexterity and range of motion, strength, and stability (to lift and move up to 70 pounds), as well as a complete medical evaluation including cardiovascular system, hypertension, etc.
  • Ability to maintain focus, awareness, and work within a stressful environment which includes noise for alarms, machinery, people, distractions, and time pressure.
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug screening tests.
  • Ability to obtain a successful background investigation including criminal and credit checks required. Credit checks that reveal any of the following will result in ineligibility for this position: 1) defaulted on $7500 or more in debt (excluding certain circumstances of bankruptcy); 2) owe any delinquent federal or state taxes; or 3) owe any past due child support payments.

Please apply using our online form. Attach your resume (preferably in Word format) to the bottom of the form. If you are a potential candidate, you may be contacted for a phone screen and interview.

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