8a Graduated Woman-Owned Small Business


Established in 1991

SW Border Mechanic Helper - Harlingen, TX

2022 N. 77 Sunshine Strip, Harlingen, TX 78550

Job Description

Mechanic Helper provides a variety of diesel and small engine; to independently perform routine mechanical repair and maintenance work.
Job Type: Full-time
Current Pay: $15.00/Hour
Essential Job Functions of Mechanic Helper
* Fuel, grease, lubricate busses, and other internal compensation equipment. Service batteries and other parts.
* Performs safety inspections on vehicles and equipment; perform routine repair work for supervisor.
* Change and repair tires, install and service batteries, spark plugs, light bulbs, fan belts and other simple mechanical parts.
* Change and repair tires, install and service batteries, spark plugs, fan belts and other simple mechanical parts.
* Assist the mechanics in the performance of mechanical repairs as required.
* Pick up and deliver bus parts, supplies and vehicles.
* Repair minor vehicle damage; replace broken windows; touch up minor scrapes and dents; clean, sew, repair upholstery.
* Repair and adjust electric generators, small gas and electric motors, air compressors, fuel and water pumps.
* Perform a variety of operations and maintenance duties which involve working with combustibles, asbestos or other hazardous materials and may require the appropriate use of safety equipment and disposal procedures.
* Operate buses on public roadways.
* Perform related duties as assigned.

Essential Job Requirements – Qualifications:
* Experience Required: One year of experience maintaining and servicing automotive equipment.

Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities Required:
* Ability to stand for prolonged periods, inspect and service buses. Significant physical abilities include lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling, stooping/crouching Reaching/handling, hearing conversations and other sounds (air leaks, rattles, etc.) near/far visual acuity/depth perception. Formal or informal education or training which ensures the ability to read and write at a level necessary for successful job performance *

Other Job Functions:
* Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities. * Fuels assigned vehicle for the purpose of maintaining vehicle in a safe operating condition.

Job Qualifications, Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities Required:
*Job related experience.
*Knowledge of vehicle operation, basic maintenance requirements and driving codes.
* Valid Commercial Driver’s License

Education Required:
*High School diploma or equivalent.