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Established in 1991

Security Services

Armed & Unarmed Guards

ISS Action’s primary business is our contracted security officers. Both armed and unarmed, our security officers are highly trained and committed to keeping you safe. ISS Action takes pride in our employees, and has been offering the highest caliber of security professional in the business for over 20 years. Our officers have protected federal and state buildings, as well as escorted foreign dignitaries and celebrities, and have always delivered the highest level of service possible.

Mobile Patrol

In addition to ISS Action’s trained security officers we have active mobile patrols. Our fleet of vehicles assists our officers in securing contracts with multiple locations. Our vehicles help our officers respond to potential emergencies or threats in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Proven Anti-Pilferage Programs

Stolen and pilfered goods cost companies millions of hard earned dollars, including costly insurance premiums. Our security procedures are designed to eliminate even the smallest pilferage incident. If necessary, we recruit, train and employ undercover operatives to gather important information for our client. A detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with military efficiency is prepared for each client, tailored to their specific needs.

Special Event Security

Special event security is a critical part of planning a successful event. Our security officers and supervisors have proven experience in securing concerts and events for stage front, backstage access, barricades and crowd control, and in providing security for sports arenas, university campuses, corporate facilities, office complexes, art galleries, music venues, and other properties.

Crisis & Risk Management Planning

The ISS Action team members play an active role in emergency planing and crisis management. ISS Actions team is trained in rescue, emergency units, and proposes intra-organizational emergency plans for natural as well as man made disasters as part of our Risk Management plans.

Emergency Response Plans

We recognize that our clients have needs that can be ever-changing in today’s fast-paced environment. At ISS Action, our professionals combine a proactive, flexible management approach to meet the daily needs of our clients and any emergency situation that arises. We create an open dialogue and prepare mutually agreeable action plans, addressing issues before they become problems.

Locksmith Services

At ISS Action security is of the utmost priority. We have dedicated and professional locksmiths on staff. ISS Action locksmith services are available to all of our clients, in the lock configuration that meets both our high level of security and client’s needs.

Badge & ID Services

We provide custom made security identification cards as well as badges to ensure the utmost safety and security in buildings and areas that we are trying to secure. These badge and identification cards are custom made to our clients specifications and display a wide array of information, including holograms, bar codes and a variety of access levels. ISS Action has been very successful in implementing multi-level badge and ID systems at multiple contract sites.

Canine Services

ISS works with a variety of canine providers that provide canine officers in addition to either armed or unarmed security personnel.

Licensed Private Investigative Services

ISS Action has licensed private investigators on staff. All Investigators are trained, licensed and bonded.

Creating the Gold Standard

The Right Solution

ISS Action has been servicing locations nationwide with armed and unarmed security guards for over 20 years. Mobile patrols, special events, planning for crisis and risk management – ISS Action can help you create the right solution.