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Established in 1991

Protective Security Officer (PSO)/DCJS Armed Security Officer

Reston, VA

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities: MUST HAVE FPS and DCJS CERT’S TO APPLY

Operate and enforce a system of personnel identification. Perform

package inspection (X-ray) for all visitors. Scan all visitors using a magnetometer.

Roving Patrol Posts. Respond to all suspected or apparent security violations
Traffic Control. Direct traffic (vehicle and pedestrian), control parking, issue traffic violation

warning notices, conduct search of vehicles.

Security Systems. Security guards shall monitor and operate building fire alarm, environmental and intrusion detection systems, closed-circuit television systems, automated access control systems, package, and personnel screening systems, communications systems and other protection devices or building equipment
Discover and detain persons attempting to gain unauthorized access to



Qualifications: Core Subjects Training – 18 hours Virginia Law and Regulations Code of Ethics General Duties and Responsibilities Law Security Patrol, Access Control and Communications Documentation Emergency procedures Confrontation Management Entry Level Firearms Training- 14 hours covering: Proper care and maintenance of the firearm, Civil liability, Criminal liability, Firearms retention and storage, Deadly force, Justifiable deadly force, Range safety, Principals of marksmanship, Practical firearms handling and safety, · Judgmental shooting, and Dim/low-level light familiarization. Armed Arrest Authority – 8 hours Completion of DCJS firearms training All newly-hired guards with no prior experience must take the following training and pass the written examinations Guard II Basic Training – 72 hours Recertification Training- 40 Hours (Every 3 Years) DHS/FPS Firearms Training – 40 Hours DHS/FPS A-9 Certification Virginia Department of Chemical/Pepper Agents Magnetometer/X-Ray 3-year intervals Radiation Safety Training Hazardous Substance CPR/AED First Aid Training Certification Expandable Baton Training Shallow Mount Barrier and Certification Hazardous Substance First Responder Training and Certifications and First Aid Training Orientation – ½ hour Training – 8 hours (FOAM) Training and Certification – 8 hours Criminal Justice Service (DCJS) – 40 hours Job Types: Full-time, Part-time